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The Media Development Centre demands from Vladimir Peševski, Deputy Prime Minister charged with economic affairs, to immediately an irrevokably resign from office after his attack yesterday on the reporter and owner of website Saše Ivanovski-Politiko.

MDC reminds minister Peševski that his obligations, and that is the case for all elected or appointed officials, to be accountable to the public and to answer its questions, is not exhausted with the holding of so-called „thematic“ press conferences or the MP’s inquiries sessions in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia. He should also be aware that, by accepting the appointment to his current office, he voluntarily gave up most of his personal privacy.

Peševski, like all other elected or appointed officials, needs to be prepared to answer questions asked by representatives of the public – journalists, citizen journalists or common citizens – anytime and anywhere, especially if he is stopped and asked in a public space.

We find Peševski’s behaviour during the incident in which he chased Ivanovski in an attempt to start a physical altercation utterly unacceptable and we demand his immediate and irrevokable resignation.


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