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kniga-koricaFrom the moment it emerged for public use, the Internet has proven itself as a vast source of information in all areas of social life. That wealth of information is of great use and value for journalists, especially investigative journalists, in conduct of investigations and preparation of their reports.

On the other hand, the open nature of internet, its interactivity and the opportunity that social networks and social media offer to all people to act as reporters, when they find themselves at the right place in the right time, demands great care and vigilance by the journalists to confirm and verify the online sources of information they use.

The Verification Handbook for Investigative Journalism, prepared and published by the European Journalism Centre, is intended primarily for investigative journalists, but also for all journalists that rely on online sources and face questions about the credibility and veracity of those sources. The Handbook collects in one place series of useful advise, procedures and case studies, prepared by experienced journalists and editors with long experience of work in traditional and online media.

The Handbook, in PDF format, is attached to this article.

Priračnik za verifikacija vo istrazuvačkoto novinarstvo