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In the period January-August 2013, the Media Development Centre conducted a comprehensive analysis of the secondary legislation pertaining to the media, i.e. an analysis of all aspects and manners in which the secondary legislation touches and intervenes in the position and functioning of the media.

The aim of this analysis, titled “The Media in Macedonian Secondary Legislation”, is to determine the ways in which the by-laws and secondary legislation influence the functioning of the media, i.e. to identify the way in which authorized competent entities intervene and interfere with the operations of the media and the manner in which they perform their social functions.

The analysis uses as a starting point the investigation of the extent to which the by-laws are in line with the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Macedonia. Among other things, it determines the synchronisation of the by-laws with international standards and the needs of the society. The analysis identifies the positive and especially the negative aspects and voids in the secondary regulation, which is necessary for efficient implementation of the legislation. This Analysis presents a series of recommendations how to overcome the detected weaknesses and appropriate interventions in laws and by-laws, but also in the established practices of the relevant entities.

The Analysis is financially supported by USAID, under its “Strengthening Free Media in Macedonia” Project.

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