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Debata 1The Media Development Center will organize a debate on the subject “What kind of media system Macedonia needs?”, on Thursday, April 2, 2015, at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Skopje, in Millennium 2 Hall.

Having in mind the current political situation and the situation in the media and journalism in the country, the participants will focus on a discussion of the main conditions and requirements that need to be met to establish a system that will ensure free functioning and development of the media, as well as free and professional journalism in Macedonia.

The debate will be moderated by Ida Protugjer Veljković, with participation by Saše Dimovski, Goran Gavrilov, Zoran Fidanovski, Branko Geroski, Zoran Bojarovski, Sašo Ordanoski, Sefer Tahiri and Petrit Saračini.

The debate will start at 11:00 hours.


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